The best CRM

BrentaSoft is a modular cloud CRM designed for any type of company, any part of the software has been designed and developed together with our customers after weeks of testing and beta testing to effectively meet the needs of each individual company.

We take advantage of our customers' experience in the sector to integrate ready-made modules even to customers who come later, our aim is to provide customized software on a large scale.


We offer an unlimited personalization service.


A dedicated cloud designed for CRM with 3 daily backups.


Developed in PHP integrating only the strictly necessary codes.

Proprietary Technology

Our CRM is the result of 6 years of development with our customers

Over five versions

We have made several versions to satisfy all activities.

100% Satisfaction

All customers who try our CRM are satisfied with the product.


dedicated for maximum performance

But what makes our software special?

The peculiarity of our software is that it is written in PHP with full compatibility with the PHP 8.0 standard, what makes it fast, flexible and secure is also the non-use of any php framework that could corrupt part of the code.

The possibility of having a code written only for the functions strictly necessary for the functionality of the CRM without any additional code means that any hosting or server must reserve a minimum amount of resources to make any part of the CRM work correctly.



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